Spa/Hot Tub Terms

Spa / Hot Tub: These terms are for the most part interchangeable.

Hot Tub: A barrel or other wooden vessel used to contain warm/hot water for the purpose of soaking. (Like the old Redwood style tubs).

Spa: A vessel containing warm water with jets and/or air injectors for the purpose of generating turbulence in the water and offering massage.

Manufacturers in the spa industry refer to their “spas” as “hot tubs” as one in the same.Trying to differentiate between the two terms is really just an exercise in semantics.

Jacuzzi: “Jacuzzi” is a brand name hot tub/spa, like “kleenex” is a brand of facial tissue. Jacuzzi also makes a number of other things including jetted bath tubs showers and other home improvement features.

Jet: A nozzle is what the water comes out of.

Injector: An injector is an outlet for air from a blower.

Pump: A pump in the spa and hot tub industry is a combination of a water pump and pump motor.

Blower: This is a motor used to push air into the tub like a vacuum hooked up backwards.

Ozonator / Ozone Generator: Not to be confused with an ionizor, an ozone generator creates ozone by exposing oxygen from air to ultra-violet light or a Corona Discharge (like an arc of electricity), to help purify the spas water. Ozone generators are not a replacement for chemicals but rather they help reduce the need for some chemicals.

Ionizor: An Ionizer sheds a mineral or metal into the water to help reduce bacteria and algae levels. Usually sheds copper, zinc or silver ions.

Circulation Pump: A small pump designed to filter and/or circulate water for the ozonator. The circ pump usually puts out between 4 and 30 gallons per minute. This small pump is sometimes set to 24 hour a day running.

Motor: Often used to describe both pumps and blower, as each does have an electrical motor. Ask your spa specialist how many motors the spa has. Some spas have multiple motors, some may pump water, some may blow air, some may be for circulation only some may be used to power the therapy jets, or pump water through the jets.