Do I have to lay concrete or prepare a place for my hot tub to sit?

A hot tub or spa requires a straight and level surface that is constructed to

bear the weight of the spa when it is filled with water.

This means that you can place your hot tub on concrete, brick, or even wooden
decking, provided the deck is constructed to hold the spa’s weight.

If you have concerns about your location, check with the contractor or engineer who
built your deck.


Is any special plumbing required for my hot tub?  

If you choose to purchase an above ground portable hot tub or spa, there is no
plumbing required at all.

You simply fill the spa with a garden hose and drain it when it needs to be drained.

The unit is entirely self-contained.


How hard is it to maintain a hot tub? How much time do I have to spend taking care of it?  

Once your hot tub is installed, you can care for it in just minutes each

Maintenance really consists of checking the water chemistry with simple test strips,
and adding required chemicals once or twice per week.

You may even choose to use sanitizing tablets, that gradually dissolve and release
chemicals over time, and require even less maintenance.

You will need to drain your hot tub’s water and re-fill it about once every three

This process takes a couple of hours and is relatively simple.

You’ll also need to clean the filter about once a month.

Again, it’s a simple process that should take less than an hour.


Is there anything special I need to do to care for my hot tub when I’m away for a period of time? 

With most hot tubs, the answer is no.

Using slow dissolving chemical tablets, the hot tub pumps will cycle on
automatically, filtering the water and your hot tub will require no daily care.

Your Spa Representative may recommend draining the hot tub depending on the
method of water sanitation.


How fast will my hot tub heat?  

Depending on the size of the hot tub, the amount of water it holds, and the type of
heater installed in the spa, this time will vary.    On average, a spa will heat about 5
– 7 degrees per hour using a 6kw heater on 240V.


How Often Do I Clean the Filters in the hot tub?  

Once every month, remove filter(s) and rinse with a high
pressured water hose to clean in between the pleats.   This
will help prolong the life of the filters.   Filters should last up
to one year if maintained properly.