Converting 120V to 220V


The hydrotherapy spa is designed to operate with either a dedicated 120v/20amp
or dedicated 220v/ 40-50amp power source.

You can convert the spa’s power supply to receive power from a 240v power source. If
the spa is converted, it must be wired directly into a 240v G.F.C.I. in you home by a
qualified electrician. By converting over to a 240v system, the spa will heat 4 times faster.


WARNING: Only a qualified electrician should perform the conversion

Procedures On Converting – Open Control Box Looking at the CIRCUIT BOARD just
above the clip number 0130 -100003 & 9936 – 100093F if you will see (4) JUMPING PINS
next to RELAY. Find jumper J1 and pull the back jumper off pins. There are 3 brass
pins exposed. Move the BLACK JUMPER to the lift converting Two brass pins leaving
the ONE bass pin left open next to J!, setting the board up for 240v system.


Power Cord – GFCI

Remove the 120v GFCI Power Cord. Using a 40/50 AMP
service – minimum six gauge copper wire should be used.
The service must be single phase. Do not attempt to install
yourself. High voltage can seriously injury or kill. Always use
a certified electrician when hooking up your spa.

The National Electrical Cord states that a service discount
breaker box (a GFCI can be used for this purpose) must be
located at least 5 feet away from the spa and should be
conveniently located near the equipment bay. If it is not in
plain sight, keep the disconnect padlocked when in the off